Mikaela Frances Jane

A website for our family and friends to keep up with Mikaela and her Arthrogryposis.
Also to help families find their way through this journey.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Gandhi

Kinesio Taping

We started using Kinesio Tape on Mikaela when she was about 6 months old. The PT's at LA Children's Hospital showed us how to apply it to Mikaela's arms. The reason it works so well is it keeps her hands in the neutral position, without having to wear a splint and by pulling the hand back, it gives the muscles a good stretch.

You'll see a video below from youtube that will show you how to apply the tape. I also add a thin strip, which I apply along her thumb and pull back gently, wrapping it around her arm. That will help with bringing the thumbs out.

If you're interested in Kinesio Taping for the legs, here is a link to Ani's page, where she has done the taping on Abby's legs. www.forabby.com

We just visited LA Children's Hospital where the Physical Therapist showed us how to put the Kinesio Tape on Mikaela's arm to gain Supination. 

Supination is a position of either the forearm or foot; in the forearm when the palm faces anteriorly, or faces up (when the arms are unbent and at the sides). Supination in the foot occurs when a person appears "bow-legged" with their weight supported primarily on the anterior of their feet

The hand is supine (facing anteriorly) in the anatomical position. This action is performed by the Biceps brachii and the Supinator muscle.

Supination is the opposite of promation.

Video coming soon!

Theres are lots of websites you can find Kinesio Tape on,
but here is one I bought from that has pretty good sales.
Kinesio Taping